Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I confess....that I've said this before.

I think I would be well-served by cutting a bit off my weekly running routine. I'm feeling VERY burnt out on it and spend way too much time feeling sore or stiff. I'm around my goal weight (well, most days...I am a fluctuater) so just in maintenance mode. I've been getting in over 50 miles most weeks including both treadmill time and "productive walking" (i.e. T to office). Really, that isn't necessary if you aren't training for a race. And I'm not.

It is odd though to cut back. It isn't the same sort of goal as increasing miles is...and in a way I find it harder. I don't want to ever have a "punish" mentality so I don't want to "be in trouble" if I go too high. There's just a logistical oddity to cutting down that I can't verbalize well. I don't want to permanently cut out a full day. But I think maybe a 42-50 miles range is better than my 50+. I did 45 last week (Su-Sa)....while recovering from surgery...the world did not explode.

I also think that the reduction might help with other issues. I usually take Friday and Saturday "off" from my anal food-tracking (though lately I've had some "Saturday-observed" days given a weird calendar). And I've been way overboard on those days lately. A LARGE part of that is mental/emotional driven (read: work-related). But I think some may be about the mileage too.

I can't make any promises. But I'm going to TRY and REALLY TRY, not just lip-service, to cut back a bit and just slow down.

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