Friday, April 10, 2009

friday ramble

I confess...I feel the need to post something before the week ends.

I went to a new doc on Wednesday. His honest opinion seems to be that I'll likely just remain in pain and we'll never really know why. He is going to do another lap (a minor surgery that I've had twice) but sees about a 30% chance it'll make a difference. I felt a bit odd pushing for it, but I need even the hope of is a minor enough surgery that those odds are worth it.

So I go back under May 1. Is it wrong to wish for him to find something?

My dad says that he's being honest and that he'd just had that convo himself with a patient the same morning.

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Lesley said... colitis was bad this week. I thought of you when I wrote the entry about wishing it on someone else and wonder if you feel that way too sometimes

30% is a decent chance when you are in the amount of pain you are in - I would take it.

Good look with the lap - had 5 myself. Hugs