Thursday, April 30, 2009


I confess...that it is time for another random list....

  • I seriously have an addiction to the kabob plate from Falafel King. I want them to give out a "Buy ten, get one free" punchcard. We had it last night ("Friday night observed") and it is always quite yummy (though things run together more than I prefer).
  • There's a lady who is often on my AM train. She uses a cane but prefers to stand. I know this. I've asked twice and seen others offer. Yet I still somehow feel guilty for not offering my seat
  • While I despise the cold, I do admit it makes you appreciate warmer weather more.
  • I want to see the final episodes of Pushing Daisies but feel no rush and might wait for the DVD or for them to pop up online rather than watch them on three Saturday nights starting in late May. No, we don't have TiVo. Yes, we are fine with that.
  • I like cereal.
  • I feel bad that Boy will miss the Phantom Wine fest b/c of me
  • I am tired of the swine flu. Yes, we should be careful. But it feels kinda overdone and I worry about inciting panic. There was a girl on the news who had it and couldn't get Tamiflu b/c too many people are hoarding it. There are dangers to over-reacting. Be careful, but not over-zealous.
  • I am nervous for tomorrow but not the "normal" way one gets nervous for these things. I'm more worried we'll come out knowing nothing more and with no answers than anything else. That's going to be a big mental blow. And it is the more likely scenario.

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