Monday, April 20, 2009


I confess....that I appreciate the little things but sometimes lose sight of them. So an (obviously incomplete) appreciation list:

  • The smart person who made my contact case so the lids are different colors on each side. This is wonderful since us blind folks can't see the little "R" and "L" on the case (unless I pull it in to "reading vision" area)when the lenses are out
  • Blankets. Really, I get an immeasurable amount of joy from warm blankets (and use them even when it isn't cold).
  • Red wine and chocolate (together or apart)....And studies that favor health benefits for both (I'll ignore those that don't)
  • Boy always making sure I have "juice (i.e. Crystal Light) and making more for me when I run out (and for other things too...but I wanted to pick one)
  • People who are nice and don't fight with me when I do them the courtesy of calling to tell them they are not a match for the job...a little advocacy is fine, fighting with me won't win points. But some people just thank me for the courtesy call and I appreciate them
  • OnDemand. We don't have TiVo so I get to see some shows I wouldn't stay up for
  • Women's Health mag...the only one I'd read even if I didn't use them to pass my treadmill time.
  • Old friends who know you well
  • A college with loyal alumni who support each other
  • The "magic" train I sometimes get that starts at my AM station instead of a few stops before so is totally empty when I get on...not only a seat, but often the coveted end seat!
  • Having it be light out so I can sometimes walk home instead of taking the van...a little extra movement is good, especially when it is outdoors
  • Little lessons I've learned in dealing with my crazy drying it a bit upside-down first which cuts the drying time substantially (then flipping right side so it doesn't end up adding more volume to hair that sometimes has too much)
  • Big sweatshirts for sleeping and lounging
  • Good running socks...the kind really made for running make a HUGE difference
  • The Falafel King shop near us that makes yummy chicken kabob plates that are a ton of food and pretty cheap.

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Shay-Zee said...

I appreciate the smell of my daughter's shampoo.

I appreciate podcasts.

I appreciated getting rid of all of the perishable food in my fridge, and happening upon recipes that use up items I don't know what to do with.

I appreciated having virtual / electronic relationships with people who live far away and I might not otherwise be able to connect with them regularly.