Thursday, September 25, 2014

Book Review:A Replacement Life by Boris Fishman

Mini-post.  A short book review, far from my most detailed, because I'm tired but also tired of it dangling off my mental To Do list.
  • A Replacement Life by Boris Fishman 

Odd.  That's definitely the word for this book.  Slava, an immigrant trying hard not to be pulled in the "all-but-home" community.  After his grandmother dies, he gets entwined in an unforeseeable way - he "ghost writes" claim forms that are sent to the German reparations programs.  During this time, Salva is also desperate to become a printed author, particularly in the New Yorker, and engaged in an undefinable relationship.

I just wasn't drawn to this book.  At times, the language certainly felt lovely but even then, I couldn't come to care.  And that tends to be the death knell for my enjoyment.

Two stars (of 5).  As always, thanks to Harper for the opportunity to read and review an advance wasn't a book I loved, but it was an interesting concept and worth a ponder or two...

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