Friday, December 14, 2012

Winner!!! And a Quick Update....

I confess....I had to do it twice, because my first random number generator result gave the "win" to the TLC Book Tours editor.  So, I did it again and the winner of my first ever giveaway is (of course, it needs a bullet-point!):
  • Tricia from Iowa!
Congrats, Tricia, and thanks to everyone who entered (I was so worried I'd have NO replies at all and feel silly)! 

Life isn't conducive to a post right now, and it is an odd segue, but I'll update my last one and say my "mother-un-law" is progressing well and the doc says she's beating expectations after her surgery on Thursday.  She's tired and hurting, and right now swears she wouldn't have done the operation if she knew what it would entail, but I know this time will pass and she'll feel better every day.  Thursday was also a certain Rambler's birthday and I told her that I was willing to take a "hospital birthday" so long as she got well and it proved a success. 

I know that believing one will win the battle isn't the ONLY component, but both she and my Uncle prove it can be a major asset!

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Lee said...

Glad she is doing well and hope you had a good birthday!