Thursday, April 19, 2012

i know you've missed the bullet points

I's been a long time since I wrote a post that wasn't about pain issues or a book review.  I'm having a rough couple days after having felt a bit better for at the start of the week.  I am, however, also in bullet-point withdrawal...
  • I had a better day last Friday and was able to get out for dinner. We decided to try a "new to us" Indian place.  I've never had a sit-down place ask my companion and I to share a (very small) four-seater table with another couple.  Our server didn't take our order or even stop by the table for a good thirty minutes.  I'd have blamed it on having been a "squeeky wheel" (I asked to move when I saw how tiny the table was and that another table opened) but I noticed the two couples who ended up sharing the table waited a good ten minutes longer than we did to order. All I ask is a"Sorry, we're short-staffed but we'll be with you soon."  That said, the food was excellent.  Tempted to try their lunch buffet sometime but not sure the food outweighed the service for dinner (menu only at night).
  • I'm kind of interested in what happens on Glee but not interested enough to actually watch.  I've been known to break up with tv shows by skipping viewing in favor for reading the mini-recaps on TWOP.
  • On the other hand, I really want to go to a taping of The Colbert Report.  It's past my bedtime but I catch the reruns of both it and Daily Show at 6 and 6:30 the next evening.  I do think that the Secret Service and GSA stories have made their jobs way too easy.
  • Why is Dominos touting the fact that you can't make any substitutions on their artisan pizzas?  Some of them do look yummy (despite not being a Dominos fan) but I wouldn't call not allowing changes a selling point.
  • MM and I went to feed the ducks on Monday.  It was extremely disturbing to watch a group of male ducks surround a female and take turns attempting to mate with her while she tried to flee.  We later saw the female lying in some higher grass where she was badly injured and looked near death.  Apparently this is actually quite common behavior among ducks.  I don't agree with labeling it "funny" and isn't the most highly regarded source but this article on sexual aggression by ducks is both fascinating and disturbing (warning -- wording may be upsetting).
  • I need to get a bathing suit.  I'd glanced briefly last week and found a serious lack of one-pieces in the single-digit sizes.  Aside from not being fond of my belly these days and wanting to cover the "zipper" (aka the three or four inch scar from surgery), I need it for a visit with a physical therapist and a two-piece feels inappropriate.
  • Jelly-Belly jelly beans have lots of fruit flavors so they are clearly a balanced meal.


Annabelle said...

Yes, mallards are unfortunately notorious for that kind of behavior, with females of other species as well as their own.

And I know, it's disturbing that I know that!

EndoJoanna said...

I love the bullet points! And I, too, have been disgusted with the selection of bathing suits. I only ever see bikinis that seem to be made for preteens! It's either that or grandma suits! Sheez!