Sunday, December 11, 2011

things the rambler is lovin'

I confess...this post comes with a warning.  There's a dismaying link between me loving a product and it being altered or disappearing.  You've been warned.  That said, I wanted to share some random things I've been loving lately.  These will be things I haven't touted before (of course, I still ❤  my Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper) and all are just from my experience, none were provided to me (but I'll take thank you samples!!!): 
  • Dove Conditioners -- My hair is thick and course.  A previously touted anti-frizz serum from Avon is still key to my mane control, but I've become a big fan of Dove's conditioners.  I've tried a few and all leave my hair nice and soft (NOT its natural state).  They are also pretty reasonably priced which is key when your hair DRINKS conditioner (a "dime-sized" amount?  try palm-sized).
  •  Tiger Balm patches -- I have tried LOTS of pain patches.  Many are pricey and still offer very little relief.  The Tiger Balm ones are not cheap (often $8/5) but they DO help.  There is some odor but it is absolutely worth it.  I did score a decent deal on Ebay blogging gig pays via PayPal so it inspired me to come into the 2000s and use the site.
  • Simply Saline - MM got me onto this one.  I was terrified to try it, having imagined an aerosol hairspray can up my nose!  It isn't like that but it does flush things out.  My step-dad (in drug development) wondered about preservatives but the kind I have notes it is preservative-free.  A neti-pot WOULD be greener, but this is an easier first step.
  • Special K Chips -- Yummy and you get a whole bunch per serving.  Light but tasty.
  • Alka-Seltzer Cold Night & Day -- Honestly, more than the actual medicine, I liked that the pack I bought finally recognized that there are more "day" hours than "night" and varied the amount of pills accordingly.  It did help with sinus issues too!!
  • Miracle Foot Repair (warning: link "talks") -- Somehow, my left foot was a horrid mess while the right stayed baby smooth.  Using this twice a day, under my socks pre-treadmill and under slipper socks pre-bed (never stay on all night...), had made a definite difference.  I've done the same with regular lotions and this did actually merit mention b/c it worked better than other products.
I'm still waiting on a new blanket I ordered like two months ago.  It is made of bamboo fibers and I am planning on it becoming a favorite once it FINALLY arrives!!!

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