Wednesday, October 5, 2011

closing in on the two month mark

I confess...I feel the need to post a quick update on my surgery but don't have a ton to say.

Saturday is the two-month mark since the operation.  Honestly, it all just feels slow and frustrating.  I'm still dealing with pain and feeling frustrated.  I know I've come a long way since the immediate aftermath when I couldn't get out of bed alone or without tears, but it is hard to see the more recent progress.  Intellectually, I knew it was a six month ordeal to recover...and a year to fully have the vertebrae heal...but it is tough in practice.  My "baby biceps" and toned tris have pretty well disappeared, making me a bit more psyched than I'd usually be about soon switching to long sleeves.  I'm also pretty much ready to torch my brace, which I'll have at least till my next follow-up appointment in another month (though I got one doc-okayed night off last freeing but def had pain the next day from tensing unconsciously).

I try to focus on one big rule -- I get one shot at recovery and need to let my body do its thing.  I can get the muscles back.  The pain IS different than the pre-surgery pain which gives me confidence that it is "recovery-pain" and not "injury pain".   Here's my SAT throwback...recovery hurt is to pain as student loans are to debt.  No debt is great, but student loans are "good," productive debt.  Recovery hurt is good, productive pain.  My spine is still adjusting to the change, which makes sense when you replace mush with cages and encourage bones to grow. 

The scale battle has also been an issue, but I'll save that for another post.  Bottom line: Slow but steady, moving ahead even if only baby steps.

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