Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wasting time rambling about wasting time

I confess...being unemployed and also a bit limited in my physical activity (you don't realize how much you bend or twist until it hurts) has created the first period in my life where time is generally pretty abundant.  Despite this, I do find myself losing (or, more honestly, wasting) time with a number of little habits.  Some culprits:
  • Reading The Frisky and The Stir...the latter is particularly vicious given how many articles they add each day.  I am not in the sweet spot of either site's audience since I'm a bit old for one and a bit child-free for the other.  They do provide quite a bit of amusement so it isn't totally wasted time, but the need to check both isn't the most productive use of it either.
  • Likewise, I love Television Without Pity.  I tend to read the Potluck forums the most.  Another source of giggles but not enough to justify the time.
  • Reading Health news on CNN.  I probably click on 80-90% of the headlines in the health section.  This could be productive but I read a lot more pieces that have no application to me than relevant articles.  And I don't have nearly the memory capacity that might make this habit useful as future conditions (for me or others) arise.
  • Thinking about blog posts I never actually make....the thoughts are wasted time, though I guess I'm saving you the time of reading them.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about how much I really don't want to get up to pee.  I know I'd get back to sleep faster if I just got up right away, but that logic isn't compelling at 3AM.
  • Staring at my belly.  I've been told it is cute and not really as visible to anyone else, but it poofs out below the navel and is the first place my eyes go in a bathing suit (or my birthday suit).  I know my soda and gum habits don't help it, but it also doesn't go away when I cut back.  I've gotten to accept my thighs as a genetic fact of life...they will always be out of proportion and remained even when at my smallest.  I haven't found that place with the pooch.  I do a deep-muscle core routine but the muscles hide under not-muscle.
  • Hating my body in general.  I've come to realize that my body image issues are such a luxury.  Hating my imagined fat is very different from hating the parts that cause physical pain.  Not that either is healthy, but I think they are very different things. 
  • A final body issue...clearly there's a theme here...I know my treadmill time is insane.  I tell myself that I'll tackle that more when I'm employed since this is one where a scarcity of time might help, but I may have an earlier "opportunity" if I have back surgery.
  • Reading other reviews of books after I finish reading them myself.  I post my own first so I don't use them to determine my own reaction (never been one to like things just because they are cool), but I feel an odd need to see where I fit.  If I'm buying the book, I read plenty before my purchase...that's wise consumer time...but I can't really explain the compulsion to read dozens of reviews after I'm done.
  • Brushing my hair.  We have always had a complex relationship, my mane and I.  We've come to a decent level of peace, but I totally feel the need to clean it up every time I'm near my brush which lives in a bathroom drawer.  Luckily, I have many many hairs so losing a few extra is not such an issue.
  • Wondering what people think of me.  Everyone from friends to the folks I see regularly at the gym or Weis.  I don't so much care (well, it depends on the person) but I'm really curious what impressions I make and how those evolve with time and vary with relationship.
  • Looking at my blog stats.  I'm fascinated by the fact that I often have peekers from the Ukraine and other overseas locations.  If I don't know you personally, I'd love to know how you stumbled upon my blog.
I also waste a LOT of time thinking about things I want to add after I hit "Publish Post" on my blog.

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