Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mind dump

I confess...my mind's been on lots of tangents of late and I know I'm going to think of a zillion things to add after I hit "Publish Post".  
  • I hope that they also commemorate Osama's death with candlelight vigils.  I do understand the celebrations, but feel very mixed about them in many senses.  I don't want to criticize the celebrators, but think a vigil for the many lives taken by terrorism is a better response.
  • On the way home today, I passed two elderly couples walking and holding hands.  It made me smile.  A few months ago, I'd have followed that smile with a bit of tears because I worried I'd never have that life partner (though I do know I'm projecting stories on them...maybe they just met!).   Now, I saw them and had a smile, followed by a feeling of hope that I may have found that person after all.
  • I did write to the hotel manager where I had the encounter I wrote about here.  The manager investigated and responded that the woman was actually a guest who had been staying there for years and he saw that she could easily be mistaken for a staff member given her knowledge of facility and general behavior (she was also wearing a shirt from the hotel but he didn't mention that).  He said he couldn't say more due to customer confidentiality.  I am assuming that this woman has a complex history, likely involving some form of mental illness or other problems.  It does put the encounter in a new light.  But, in my defense, she DID wear a polo from the hotel.  I know they can't control guest behavior, but it seems wise to discourage the confusion.
  • The judge said the divorce will enter 30 days from the hearing.  That falls on Saturday May 28.  Realistically, that means it becomes legal on Tuesday May 31 due to the weekend and holiday.  But I still plan to "observe" the event on the 28th.  PA wine stores aren't on my favorites list, but I'll take a look in the nicer aisle and get a treat for me (and for MM who has been great about this mess).
  • The 31st is also when I am part of another Harper Blog Tour.  Being me, the book is read and the review written.  4 of 5 stars...once again glad to be able to give a positive review on a tour book.
  • I got ill at Weis yesterday (grocery store).  I think it was either dehydration or a medicine issue...I'd been unsure and might have missed a Lexapro dose the night prior.  I felt iffy when I left the gym and really light-headed at the store.  As I walked out, I started shaking and eventually found as out-of-the-way spot as I could and threw up just a bit.  I looked up to see a man watching me.  I stood up and was shaking like a leaf, definitely visible.  I got to my car, put in three bags, and had to stop to sit.  I was still visibly shaking but finally got the sodas loaded too.  I looked up to see the man still staring at me.  Thanks, parking lot man.  I know he couldn't tell what was going on, but an offer to help load or to call for help would have been a bit more human.  When I got home, I looked ill enough that MM asked if he could take me to a doctor.  I rested and felt better later, not 100% today but pretty decent.
  • We took the heating blanket off the bed.  I enjoyed it...usually we turned it on a bit before lying down to make the bed toasty and we turned it off before actually falling asleep...but I am happy that it is finally warm enough to put it away.
  • I bought these sandals this morning.  Normally $59 but a sale via the Today show made them only $18!  I've spent more than usual lately, but really have needed the goods since it had been a long time since I bought much beyond the weekly essentials.  My mom and grandmother were huge sale seekers and joked that "sale" would be my first word.  It was "cracker" (yes, food even then) but I do appreciate a good deal.  Especially if I can remember the deal so I can brag later.
  • Life Tip -- The dryer apparently works better when you turn it on.
  • Actual Life Tip -- My favorite random tip of late that involved the little bags that you get with clothing that have spare buttons in them.  They are perfect for holding a few pills.  I use them in my purse and my gym bag. 
  • I'm in a funk about job stuff and just feeling like throwing up my hands. I work so hard. I bring lots of skills and I'm a fast learner who is eager to be a productive part of an organization. Why won't anyone pick me?


The Rambling Blogger said...

I want to add the confession that I've been skipping Jeopardy for stupid sitcoms. Between pain, pain medicines, and mental/emotional stuff, I haven't had the energy.

Related confession -- I don't enjoy Jeopardy nearly as much when I don't feel I'm doing well. Especially if I miss things that I really knew because I'm just not in good form

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time with all the celebration surrounding Bin Laden's death too. I keep coming back to the quote, "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

This is Lee btw, I can't log in using openiD unless I sign into my old wordpress.com account and i'm being lazy. Do you know if there is any way to make your blog have the name/url option that's on some blogger blogs?

JAG said...

While I don't regeret Osama's death I do disagree with celebrating a death.

The Rambling Blogger said...

lee -- no idea how to do that. i checked the settings and i have it so anyone can comment. the other choices are more limited in who can leave comments. not sure how to change how folks are identified.

as i type this, i do have choices below as a comment-leaver to use my google ID, an OpenID, name/url, or anonymous...does that pop up for other folks too?