Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the lazy blogger returns

I confess...I bounce between thinking bullet points are lazy and boring to the few readers I have and having a love affair with their simplicity and the way they just fit with my brain.
  • I'm blogging less lately...and with less substance.  I do miss it, including giving thought to a subject long enough to write a more interesting post.  But my distraction is a happy one and an unexpected one.  Same goes for reading...I miss that too, but like the substitute use of my time.
  • I was at my dad's over the weekend.  They have three cats and my allergies kicked up which also leads the endo to kick up.  It hasn't, however, quieted down since leaving on Sunday.  In fact, it has gotten much much worse.  I need medicine and feel like crying constantly, even when the medication takes the edge off.  I can't figure out what triggers such a long spell of such intense, constant pain.  It could be the immune system hasn't calmed down yet, but the allergies are back to normal so I feel like the endo should be too.
  • I got a phone interview request that I'm setting up for next week.  Regardless of how it goes, it was a needed win in the job hunt process.  I was better prepared for the trials of the hunt in this economy than most since I'd held the hands of candidates through very long searches.  Like my candidates, I am a niche employee and my search is a complex one.  I have ideas as to where I want to go and truly believe I would be an asset but my resume is a bit non-traditional which is a challenge in a market flooded with applicants.  I need a chance to prove myself. 
  • One thing that I dislike about myself is that I don't think happiness is my natural state.  I'm not always sad or anything, but I'm not the smile-y type.  Which makes the fact that recent changes have filled me with happiness incredibly wonderful.  And it comes so easy and so simply.  I have always been content with quiet time at home but couch-time feels even better than usual.  I think there's a magic in simple moments.  You can have fun with anyone at an amusement park or winning movie, but it is much more special and meaningful to feel joy in doing nothing at all.
  • On a less me-oriented topic, the Iran hikers are back in the news as they go to trial.  I hate to say it, but I just can't feel as sorry for them as I think I'm supposed to (especially as a liberal type).  Maybe they did get tricked a bit and they may not have had any malicious intentions, but it just seems really stupid to hike in the area.  They had to know there wouldn't be a magical line on the ground and that ending up in the wrong place would have consequences.
  • I am totally procrastinating.  I want to get a day pass to the local Y but the pain and cold make me want to hibernate.  I'm also afraid of parking there since it sounds like they may not have a lot and I can't actually parallel park.  It is now a bit after 11 so clearly I need to wait till like 1:30 to avoid lunch parking crowds.  Right?
  • On that note, I've generally cut back my workouts a bit recently.  This is something that only a small amount of folks will understand, but that may actually be a good thing.  Six workouts a week, most at two hours, takes a good habit and makes it trouble for both body and mind.  I may be going TOO far in the other direction, but I am confident I'll find more balance in time.
  • I've fallen out of love with watching Ellen.
  • Winter needs to leave now.  It has just been so intense this year.  I think having a series of small storms (well, we did have a bigger one in there) is tougher than one monster.  Negative windchills get old too.  You know it's bad when you get excited to see a high of 40 predicted for Sunday.
  • I got a new laptop.  My old one had a fraying power cord that only worked if it was just perfectly arranged.  I do NOT miss it.  I'm actually not-missing it enough that I'm putting off using it to send myself the documents and such that are stored on it.
  • You'll get another post tomorrow with a book review.  I'm part of a "blog tour" for a Harper book.  I absolutely loved the book so I'm excited to finally get to post about it.

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