Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wherein i can't recall a real topic so resort to little ones

I confess...I have lots of ideas for very interesting posts. Unfortunately, these are rarely when I'm near my laptop. So, little bullet points it is...
  • I post my reviews from the HarperCollins promo books here but have other ratings and some shorter reviews on other reads at I'm Clg1213, should you be interested. My library has 300+ books since I was/am a dork and already had a log of all my book before I joined the site and was able to upload it (also explains most being unrated and unreviewed).
  • I've seen a couple old friends since I've been back in PA. It is fascinating to see how people turned out...these are folks that tried to teach me to shoot a basket in fourth grade . Somehow they went and became grown-ups.
  • I enjoyed Inception more than I expected to and liked the way it used special effects. Just felt a bit different from all the movies lately that add flash for flash's sake. Toy Story 3 is still my favorite movie of the summer (even in my cheap 2d viewing).
  • Why do I have pimples and dry skin at once? It doesn't seem fair.
  • I'm happy Mad Men is back. Alternative season timing has benefits. I am, however, sad that Jeopardy heads to reruns next week. I need my Jeopardy...though I never miss Alex since I think he's a total jerk.
  • I am feeling impatient for news on the job front. I feel very unanchored (my blog, my prerogative to make up words) lately and I don't see fixing that until I get a job and can settle in a new life.
  • In other emotional news, I'm in an angry phase. I'm also building back my triceps so watch out world!
  • is a great source for amusement. I haven't read as many recaps lately (though they are often hilarious), but like reading some of the forums...particularly the commercial-focused ones.
  • Still having back trouble and the hip/leg is acting up more too. The PT warned these injuries take a year and a half to really resolve. I am so not that patient. At my mom's urging, I tried her chiro (umm...sorry Dad...she insisted and I was ready to protest if he tried anything that seemed wrong). He only tried some pressure cracking or creaking or snapping...only about 5-10min. I had rebound pain after Monday and really no relief. I went again today and will see what happens. He was very upfront that he might help the hip, wouldn't help the back, and that I'd know in two or three visits if it was worth coming back.
  • I think PA is conspiring to keep people from drinking by only selling poor quality wine. I'd be fine with the State Store idea (MA didn't have wine in most grocery stores either), but the state clearly limits what the stores stock and I find the choices disappointing. Y'all know my need for red wine.

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Irish Goober said...

I had to stop reading TwoP at work because I'd laugh out loud.