Sunday, May 16, 2010


I confess...I really just had the first bullet on my mind but felt it didn't justify its own post so I'm going with mini bullet point rambles.

  • I have talented toes. I can pick things up with my feet (helpful when my back hurts and I don't want to bend). My husband once bet I couldn't type a whole sentence with my toes...I won and he wasn't allowed to bite his nails for a month (I bet he cheated). I can write with my feet too...big and sloppy but readable. I am most amused, however, by my ability to make my right pinkie toe dance and move independently of all the others. And by the fact that I can't do it with the left. And I'm wondering if you just took your socks off.
  • I am reading a LOT more since being home. I love books. In fourth grade, we each got little certificates on the last day. Mine said "Class Reader." We did a program called Book-It. Everyone else had to read two books in a month to get a sticker and a free personal pizza at Pizza Hut. I had to read five because two would have been a step back.
  • I love Crystal Light and generic equivalents but never buy the Lemonades or Teas.
  • In my bathroom, I have one tube of generic IcyHot. I have a tube of BenGay in a "miscellaneous" drawer. On the bathroom counter, I have a can of spray Freeze-It (a generic BioFreeze) and a tube of a gel BioFreeze generic. I am fairly sure this is not normal for someone under 60. And think I heard the maintenance guy laugh when he went in to fix our sink.
  • On some days, if i just scratch my skin (even lightly), I get a big red raised line. This is somehow related to my hives. It somewhat amuses me but I worry people notice. I'm also clumsy and bruis very easily. I wonder if people think I'm being beat up or something.
  • Ben & Jerry's Peanut Brittle is quite yummy. As is Hannah Teeter's B&J flavor, Maple Blondie. I'd totally be free of the few vanity pounds I want to drop if Ben had never met Jerry.
  • While I love Ben & Jerry, I hate Tom & Jerry. I don't "get it" or the other traditional Looney Tunes. But I loved Tiny Toons and Gummi Bears (bouncing here and there and everywhere).
  • When I was little, my mom once said "What makes you so special?" (in a joking voice). I said "Mr. Rodgers says everyone is special." I think they all knew fairly early on that I was an odd child. Thanks to a literal Seasame Street sketch, I also declared that, the next time it rained cats and dogs, it would be a good idea to go out to get a pet.
  • I miss knowing I can run. I never loved it, but it made me feel accomplished. But I am feeling stronger and I am working darn hard for it. I'm proud of myself for my hard work in PT.

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