Friday, August 14, 2009

job search tips

I confess....I keep a list

JOB SEARCH RULES (from an attorney recruiter, a work in progress)
  • Use a work-friendly email address. “Beerdrinker###” is not work-friendly
  • Do not list your FAILING bar exam score on your resume.
  • Be a Big Boy. Having your wife call about a job is not a good move.
  • You are not who you know. You are not qualified for a job in the medical field because you have a large family of doctors
  • It is not impressive to label yourself an “Experiendced” attorney
  • Bar passage is required to practice law. Do not try to convince me that you are “better than a barred attorney” for a job because of your life experiences. Experience is lovely, but you still can’t practice law!
  • I’m fine with a bit of reaching, but be reasonable. Don’t apply for a job requiring 7-10 years of experience when you only have one (that isn’t remotely on-point)>
  • Sell yourself, but be reasonable. Don’t overword: “Experienced administrative professional seeking a full-time position within an office environment wherein application of excellent communication, attention to detail, and organizational skills can be utilized.”
  • If a recruiter takes the time to call and explain why you aren't a match for a specific need, do not apply to the same job TWICE the very next day. It shows a lack of attention to detail.
  • Think about your target audience. If you are applying to a job in a sports-crazed town, it is best not to indicate you are a fan of a rival team with your email address…Boston hiring folks WILL hold an address that includes “yankeefan” against you
  • If you are applying for an attorney job, you MIGHT want to include your JD on your resume. I may not bother to look at your cover note if I don’t think you have the minimum requirements…
  • It’s 2009. Don’t address a blind letter “Dear Sir.”
  • Use terminology correctly. “I have a JD in Law” is redundant and does not look informed.
  • Don’t make controversial, political jokes…levity is fine, but not anything that might offend someone.
  • I do understand we are a nation of immigrants. But do not use a phone number where no one speaks English during the day….or at least have them let the machine get calls.
  • A little common courtesy, please. I run early, but do not show up a full hour early for an interview without calling. And, if you do, offer to wait…do not act annoyed if you are 60 minutes early when you are asked to have a seat for five minutes while someone gets ready to meet with you
  • If you don't know all the major terms in the job description, you are probably not qualified. Do not call and ask what they mean.


Anonymous said...

So here is my question - why do law firms have signs that say "Attorneys at Law." Is there another kind of attorney? The court house is across the street from my office so there are a lot of lawyers in the area and half of them have similar signs. I don't get it.


The Rambling Blogger said...

I'll say (with no back-up) that it has to do with the old law and equity distinction and is thus just a throw-back that no longer has relevance.

Unknown said...

I'll buy that. Though I can't say that I really understand the different between law and equity. Good thing I am in law school now and not 200 years ago!! (Not that they had many schools then, but that is a whole different story.)

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