Wednesday, June 24, 2009

power and sex

I confess...I'm interested in the relationship between power and infidelity.

Do those in power "stray" at a higher rate? Or is it just that we all hear about them when they do? And maybe that it is easier to "catch" someone high profile? If they stray more, is it a matter of opportunity (away from home, willing partners....) or some mental/emotional/social side effect of power?

If there is a power/infidelity correlation, does it cross gender lines? We hear about lots of men in politics who are caught in "sex scandals" but not so many women. Is that just because there are fewer women in power positions? Are women more careful because they feel their power is a bit more tenuous and they are being watched more closely? Or does power have a different impact on women than on men?

Honestly, I ask for marital fidelity from my husband, not my President etc. I wouldn't want to be Bill Clinton's wife but I was happy voting for him twice. That said, I do still appreciate leaders who can also be role models. We need more role models in this world.

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