Thursday, November 17, 2011

bullet-points are addictive

I confess...I totally go into bullet-point withdrawal:

  • Thanks to a friend who suggested me as her replacement, I am ghost-writing a lawyer blog.  It ain't fancy, just three posts a week for a personal injury lawyer out in CA, but I'm actually able to say that I am being paid to write!  Totally one of my dreams...even if it is in a very lay audience style and hampered by the need to include search engine friendly phrases that don't always feel natural. 
  • Weaning out of my brace sounded so wonderful.  I could not WAIT to be free of it (though decided it would not burn well and I couldn't have a brace bonfire).  I was NOT ready though for feeling like I'm back in the early weeks of recovery.  It makes sense that I'd have pain and spasms and my back wakes up, I just hadn't thought it through.  Not fun. 
  • Also not fun...sinus issues.  I thought a half-developed cold was to blame but it took a break and returned so I'm not so sure.  MM uses a saline sinus rinse but I'm a bit chicken about trying it myself (and would need to buy my own since it sounds even worse than sharing a toothbrush).
  • Gingerbread marshmallows are AWESOME but can never again be bought by me since they disappeared in two days.  But, if you have self-control, totally try them
  • This post is on my mind.  I am refraining from a too early check-in on year 33 (though that post was a bit pre-turning 33 itself).  A lot of great changes, but still waiting on one big one.
  • Funny how events turn.  I was dumped from a job recently for having the nerve to ask about salary or non-traditional hours (even though I agreed to EVERYTHING in the end and only insisted on seeing paperwork...see ramble here).  That job involved young children.  So, of course, the next job I get in the process for (beyond just an app...millions of those) involved convicts.  And, yes, parental types, I will make sure it is all safe and secure if I'm chosen for an interview beyond my 10min intro convo.
  • Still fascinated by the PSU story, more than I feel like I should be.  I think the tension b/w legal and moral duty is part of it.  As for Sandusky's interview where he admitted showering w/ kids, lots have questioned how a lawyer let that happen.  Well, the lawyer was once representing a teen girl in an emancipation proceeding and ended up having a sexual affair with her.  Started when she was 16 (legal in PA, apparently, which continues my legal/moral divide), she had his kid at 17 and did marry him years later and had 1 more before they split).
  • It feels like eons ago, but I saw Herman Cain's conference on the harassment claims and was surprised to see a familiar face.  His attorney had joined my firm about a year before I left.  He'd previously had a small practice that included several high power media-related cases.  I wondered how the case got approved by a big firm machine and found out he'd since left the firm.  The cool of the three partners was a friend and office-neighbor of mine at the firm.  She's a liberal who got me involved in NARAL and who is now a Democratic member of the GA State House.
  • We get a crazy number of wrong number calls on our new-ish home line.  And they are for at least 5 different people....several from collection folks.  Sixty percent are machines that never have a "you have the wrong folks" option.
  • MM and I shall have our own Thanksgiving this year.  I haven't reserved a turkey but was glancing yesterday.  I'd hoped they had a stand-alone turkey breast but only found full turkeys and cutlets.  He's the cook but I may be the shopper and I'm not sure what I'll get....leftovers are normal but a whole turkey's leftovers, esp since I'm not a huge fan of actual turkey and freakishly like turkey cold cuts but not roasted turkey, after only 2 diners is a bit much.  I plan to make my mom's lox/smoked salmon rolls as an app and might get my act together enough to make a cheesecake too.  The secret crust ingredient is Zwiebacks, the biscuits often used for teething tots.

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