Thursday, June 9, 2011

ramblin' woman

I confess...lots of rambly thoughts today, some of which feel a little un-PC but I'm gonna say 'em anyway. 
  • I don't care if politicians cheat on their spouses.  It is a HUGE no-go for me in a partner, but not something I care to be involved with in an elected official.  But I do take issue when they lie about it, then it moves from a lie to his family and becomes a lie to his constituents.  I don't know that I'd call for a resignation, UNLESS government money was used which is another issue, but it would impact my future vote (not control it, I did vote for Bill Clinton and would do so again).
  • Okay, my non-PC post.  I just don't care if gay people are born that way or if it is a choice.  It just doesn't matter at all to me.  I accept them and want them to have equal rights/opportunities either way.  I think the state should let you marry regardless of your partner's gender, though I wouldn't force a church to officiate.  I do see that the debate may matter to some people who are on the fence about acceptance, so I guess that gives a reason to talk about it.  But, personally, I just don't care (but I feel like that may anger people and we know how I feel about that).
  • Part two of my un-PC thoughts (well, this is more un-liberal) -- I do "believe" in transgendered people and think we should support them in their journeys for peace, including using the preferred pronouns and supporting their choice to pursue surgery.  But I just can't condone using government money to pay for the sex change surgery for a prisoner.  It seems really unfair that a criminal would get a paid-for surgery while "good" people don't.  And I understand that the surgery can be emotionally/mentally important, but it isn't the same as the medical necessity involved in treatment of physical disease.
  • I like to make earth-friendly choices (though don't always go out of my way for them).  I like to make money-friendly choices (with an exception for food & wine, of course).  But it is really the NOISE that makes me hesitate to turn on the AC (I did put it on today...two days over 90 are not fun).  I have a lot of trouble with background noises.  It feels like I hear TOO much since I can't distinguish the TV or a voice unless I really turn them up.  Former speech pathologist Mom says it is called figure-ground disorder.  You can try to train your brain to help it, but I'm lazy.
  • The guestroom does not have an AC ( Mom and Step-dad are giving us one later this month).  I went through THREE pairs of shorts doing my workout.  I am a sweaty gal, not usually the worst smelling but even with a well-cooled room I can sometimes squeeze out my shorts after cardio.  Guess the ability to change is an upside to the home gym (and the fact that I was planning a load of sheets anyway so it wouldn't throw off laundry planning to use more), but I will enjoy the "real gym" today since I need to do weights anyway.  We are getting Big Yellow tomorrow (it will be in the basement so a bit cooler there...tread is in guest room) and I'll see if I still want the Big Gym expense.  It is kinda good to have a reason to go out when you are unemployed, but it is also an added cost.
  • Another side effect of unemployment as a woman -- I go through WAY more TP since I'm always home.
  • I'm still scared about the back stuff and about controlling pain when I'm already maxing out on meds.  I try to take less when I can, but the knife in my back is pretty unrelenting. 
  • Tater tots are underused as a side item.  More places, esp. pub type joints, should serve them. 
  • I use way too much mentally energy disliking my tummy pooch.  I will, however, say that I'm feeling really good about my upper body.  I've added some muscle tone and it is really at a place where I'm happy to just maintain.  The only thing I sometimes dwell on wanting to change about the tummy is one (umm, well, two) that is outside of my control without a doc and some silicone.  And I am NOT doing that....they are proportional and all, just noticeably absent in a swim suit or in clothes that leave room for non-existent assets (same issue with lack of butt).
  • I'm waiting to write one book review for Harper until I finish another one.  I actually enjoyed the finished one a lot and am more "meh" on the one in progress, but my parental-types see the blog so I blush at the idea of reviewing Erica Jong's collection of essays by women about sex.
  • Likewise, I need one more bullet point after that one.  Yes, I'm odd.


lee said...

Yay, I just realized that you have the Name/URL option now. Makes it so much easier for me to comment!

Tator tots are so good.

Finesse said...

I could comment on almost every one of these points. I'll pick just a few though.

I fast-forward through the news segments that dwell on politicians' personal lives, often flummoxed that media makes them into such big deals. There have got to be better things we can spend time on.

IMHO, by committing a crime, one gives up all but the most basic of human rights, and a sex change operation is far from basic. If the gov't pays for it, wouldn't that encourage some who otherwise couldn't afford it to commit a crime? There are too many incentives in the system already.

I have the same problem distinguishing sounds. I even went to an audiologist a few years ago, but he wasn't helpful. Thanks for finally giving me a name for it.

Big Yellow looks very intimidating. And I agree that A/C can be very nice when exercising as the temperature & humidity start to climb. After using mine maybe twice in 8 years, I've had it on 4 or 5 times just this last week while exercising or laundering (which puts out a lot of extra humidity).