Thursday, June 30, 2011

more evidence i'm a real blogger (and other bullet points)

I confess...the more I use bullet points, the more I love them.
  • Look it's me (first review, including a link to my books tag here).  The Frisky is a fun site.   I certainly don't read every post but it is a good page to intersperse with job apps.  I pitched a "real" article too...I'm pleased with myself for trying, even if it fails.
  • I had a random interview yesterday...and found myself oddly interested in the retail manager role.  It could be fun.  I was honest about not being a fashion plate..I swung it to say it would allow my staff to be subject experts and that I believe in managing from a point of mutual respect.  I could have faked it, but they'd find out pretty fast.
  • I was silly and tried to twist to move a power cord Monday.  The stars aren't as intense but it is def another pain flare.  I'm beyond glad to have surgery on the calendar.  I am already nervous about the rest in recovery but my awesome Boston PT (go to Michael if you need someone up there) said they are pretty encouraging on walking.  Someone should warn them about my reading of the word "unlimited" in this context.
  • My need for Lee Press-On toenails is no more!  I know, you've been waiting with baited breath for an update on the no-longer-totally-lost toenail.
  • I'm happy that New York joined the ranks of states that recognize marriage should be about love, not gender.
  • The scale was friendly to me last week.  Somehow, that makes it harder that it is being quite mean this week.  Yes, I know the scale and I have way too involved of a relationship.
  • I don't want to be interested in the Casey Anthony trial.  I don't want to want to hear the latest updates.  I want to be a good advocate for the justice system and not one of the many who has decided she's guilty and just plain evil. 
  • I get books from Harper and get others via Amazon.  I order through Amazon to keep it safe but buy used books, often for under a dollar so that even the shipping costs leave it around $5 or $6.  I did just order one that actually hit $10....I got Room because I've wanted to read it and I shall keep it a a "treat" for recovery time.
  • I really dislike how many TV ads fall back on the "smart wife, dumb man" trope.  It is a disservice to BOTH genders.  The guy who says "Fiber makes me sad" and then unknowingly eats a fiber-rich bar while his wife smirks is on my current list of most annoying TV folks.
  • Michele Bachmann scares me.
  • I should go lift today.  I'm in a high pain state though (and that's for me, some pain is a given) which makes it tough.  I know it is important to stay strong but it is a tough spot to be in when the pain is chronic.
  • I need to buy shorts.  I've made peace with the existence of my thighs, a state I have not gotten to with the belly pooch, but it still makes me averse to shorts.  Well, that's not quite true.  Shorts are fine when I'm standing.  Not so fine when I sit and the not-muscle (and there IS muscle under there) presses the seams.  But there are a few outdoor days on the horizon and some steamy weather so I may need to break down and get some.

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lee said...

I read Room while we were in Mexico. It's really good. I got some decent shorts at Ann Taylor Loft.