Monday, June 28, 2010

wallowing and more

I confess...that I plan to grumble for a paragraph and then talk about something else. I'm feeling very unsteady, as in one moment I can't possibly imagine getting out of bed and the next I feel pretty normal. I've been eating too much junk but kinda like that it's finally "normal" to reach the bottom of B&Js pints in a sitting. Here's the plan...I get to wallow and eat crap and stay in bed all I want UNTIL I move (with the exception of the 6th when I have an interview for a job I really want). After the move, I get a couple days to adjust and wallow b/c it will be an adjustment...then I start healing by treating my body well and focusing on the job search (well...ideally that's all done after my interview on the 6th...but I can't assume this). The goal for that period is to find a job, get ready for it, and get back in my jeans. Once that stage is done (i.e. when I move and have a job), I build a new home and a new community (not losing the old friends, of course).

Okay...something else...meh, I'm not thinking deep enough for one topic. Let's go bullet points:
  • I have a theory that Toyota caused the Gulf Oil spill. See, Toyota totally has knowledge about gas and oil stuff, at least enough for sabotage. And, a handful of months ago, Toyota was the Big Bad Evil Corporation that was the target of hatred (and headlines). But now, BP totally has that title. Sounds like motive to me. (Dear Toyota, This is a humorous thought. This is not libel. I don't really think you did it. Sincerely, Lawyer-Side of Me)
  • I had my last PT visit due to the impending move. He was really nice and offered to grill a few potential replacements to make sure they do an aggressive spine program that will fit with what I've been doing. He also told me how much I was lifting and what my goals are for each move based on my body/age/etc. I was impressed by my 160lb leg press and 102lb back extension but disappointed with some other low numbers.
  • I did my treadmill time yesterday at a pretty pathetic tv time slot. Last week, I saw Wipeout at the same time and was pretty amazed at what time consists of these days. This time, they were dropping prizes (and people) off a skyscraper. It seemed pretty wasteful to me. I'd have taken that car and dining set etc.
  • My laptop is getting too hot on my lap. I know this is highly interesting.
  • My favorite Quincy restaurant is going to be closed this weekend. That's just mean since I hoped to make a last visit. Silly holidays...
  • I'm still enjoying plowing through books while not working. I'm trying to mix re-reading and new books to be money conscious. The books are definitely a big challenge for moving and I'll need to have the ex-to-be ship some of them. Clothes are probably a more immediate need and nearly 300 books won't fit in the car along with everything else.
  • I fell asleep yesterday afternoon. I intended to rest my eyes a moment. Warning...sleeping with a paperback can cause some odd indentations on one's arm from the book.
  • Toy Story 3 was wonderful. I cried...a mix of both happy and sad tears. I don't care about Team Jacob or Team Edwards but I am on Team Andy's Toys.

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