Friday, June 11, 2010

ramble ramble on and on

I confess...I finished another one of my books but the fourth won't be far behind so I'll wait on that to post reviews and instead just ramble..
  • It seems like most women I know have some sort of close interplay between stress and food. Some stop eating when they are stressed, others eat more. Neither is healthy but I fall into the latter category and a pathetic part of me is jealous of those in the former group. They don't add tight waistbands to the stress list.
  • I'm still plodding away at PT. My back and side bends are now front bend is still awful. I explained to my PT when we started that I couldn't touch my toes as a kid was worse from the back problems but even my healthy hamstrings were pretty sad. I think he's believes me more now but he still seems dedicated to making me more bendy. I'll play along.
  • I saw some female author on TV who commented that men buy cars when they are stressed and women get in their PJs. I totally do that.
  • This June is much nicer than last June. It actually resembles Spring.
  • Some of the old ladies in the building have coffee time M, W, and F mornings. It starts at 930 and I usually walk by around 10 en route to my treadmill time. They used to talk about me ("There she goes again!"). Now they sometimes talk to me ("There YOU go again"). Part of me finds it annoying. Another part finds it motivating...they expect me so I better go.
  • I have a Shrek glass. I don't want to return it...even for an extra dollar above the cost. I will just avoid eating the paint.
  • I painted my toes blue again. They still amuse me. It doesn't take much.

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