Friday, February 19, 2010

etc. (again)

I confess...that I have ideas of things to write full posts on but am lacking the drive to write them. So, you get random thoughts

  • The world would be nicer, for both the able- and not-so-able-bodied, if all escalator riders followed the "walk left, stand right" rule.
  • I never would have expected I'd be excited for temperatures in the 40s. It's all relative..
  • A watched phone (apparently) does not ring. And apparently one still needs to tell a pager what your phone number is, even in the age of caller ID.
  • My clothes are tight and this makes me sad. It has not stopped my overeating spree though.
  • I have watched more curling than I would have ever imagined I'd see in a lifetime. And that's probably only a total of an hour.
  • I feel like Santa and the M&Ms. I do exist: Well, I am proposed to exist.
  • I have come to enjoy Project Runway which I find very unexpected. I like watching the challenge more than the runway though. I watched the first couple seasons of The Apprentice and always preferred watching the task. Boy preferred the boardroom.
  • I get to leave at five today instead of six. Bring on the Friday red wine.
  • Amy Bishop seems pretty darn crazy but I'm wondering if we'll start blaming all of our unsolved crimes on her soon.
  • MRI machines are loud. And shouldn't be all white inside. It hurt my eyes. So I closed them.
  • I was changing into my PJs the other night, as I do pretty much the moment I get home. It was 6:30. Bed was there. Bed seemed much nicer than Not Bed. Then it was 7:20.

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