Friday, March 13, 2009

teens and relationships

I'm skipping the "I confess" theme. It isn't appropriate.

This upsets me beyond expression:

I saw a headline on it last night. A part of me "hoped" the blame was b/c she appears willing to go back...still not something I'd like to hear, but less upsetting than thinking this is normal. The story makes it clear how common partner abuse is the norm to these kids....they accept it b/c they don't know they shouldn't.

And, related, shame on Nickelodeon for waiting for Brown to bow out of the Kids Choice awards on his own rather than taking action. Yes, he hasn't been convicted yet. It's still endorsing the wrong type of hero.


Lesley said...

How very sad. I will have to talk with my class about this. I would be interested in knowing what they think in terms of who is to blame and for what.

Terribly sad.

The Rambling Blogger said...

i bet a lot depends on the composition of your class (urban/suburban/rural; economic/social class)