Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rambling on

I confess that...I have nothing much to say but feel like posting something so here are some random thoughts:

  • I had pizza Monday. It was yummy. I didn't feel at all guilty at first, but do now. And I know that's irrational and silly.
  • I am BEYOND tired of winter
  • I am afraid of horses. I was knocked over by one at day camp but I don't really know if that's when it started. I can see why people think they are beautiful but you won't get me near one without a fight. And I don't feel much need to get over the fear
  • I am worried about money right now. Recruiting is not a fun field when no one is hiring.
  • In a similar vein, my job is becoming more mentally challenging. I talk to so many people with strong resumes who have gotten laid off and are so down. And I can't help most of them.
  • I am glad it'll be light when we leave work soon. Some days I get to my train stop at home 25 minutes before my van but I get nervous walking the route home in the dark. I do need some snow melting to happen before I can walk though.
  • It made my day yesterday when the van driver was 15 minutes early and rescued me from the freezing temps. She's usually a "right on time" type but sometimes she feels bad for me since she knows I'm there early.
  • I become a bigger fan of red wine with each passing year. I still never remember what bottles I loved, but I think my palate has gotten more discriminating and think that's kinda cool.
  • I have also grown to appreciate dark chocolate. Which is good....might as well have the type with some extra health benefits.
  • I have gotten a bit bolder as a result of my job and having to call up some pretty high-ranking folks sometimes. That's a good thing.
  • I'd like to write something. But don't know what. Probably not a full book, just some sort of "piece"....I know that is beyond vague. Maybe an essay about either the endo or my food issues.
  • When I am on hold and the music changes from one song to another, I expect the person to pick up.
  • I really have nothing to say. I didn't have anything to say to start with.

1 comment:

Lesley said...

When I am on hold I sing the songs.
I would like to see what you write about endo.