Friday, February 13, 2009


I random things....

  • I don't feel sympathy for the guy on my van who struggles to walk up our hill because I think it is his own fault b/c he smokes
  • My legs tell me to cut down my mileage, but that's really hard for me to actually do
  • I expected that I'd marry someone with at least some form of graduate degree
  • Yes, he did a great thing. But I'm tired of hearing about Captain Sully
  • I wish I could find a way to craft a rule that forbids the actions of the "octoplet mom" but still protects the right to choose. I feel VERY conflicted about this.
  • I feel superior to people who don't engage in any sort of exercise
  • I think I'm smarter than most people I meet
  • But I'm utterly clueless about financial "stuff"
  • I'm really afraid sometimes by how much "better" I feel after taking a pain pill. Though I think being aware of this is a good thing too.
  • I chew WAY too much gum
  • I'm debating skipping my college reunion because I'm embarrassed about where I am professionally. But I'd like to show off my weight loss...
  • I think my body is in pretty good shape but still feel really unattractive overall.
  • I consider myself very liberal but think the US needs to take care of "our own" before we take care of people elsewhere and/or illegal immigrants. I am embarrassed by that feeling.
  • Death doesn't tend to make me cry, but a sappy commercial might make me tear up. Which I hide from anyone around me.
  • If I had to pick between a life including red wine & chocolate and one that sacrificed it but was a tad longer, I'd go for the former in an instant.
  • I liked the "25 things" on facebook and read a number of people's even when I wasn't tagged. I also read blogs of a few random people from my past, even though we weren't close.

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