Sunday, September 14, 2014

on the new housemate

We got a cat. (Note: By far not the most important matter mentioned  just the only one currently mewing at my feet)

But, of course, that means little to some of you since, while I know my biggest group of readers follow me from Facebook I must allow myself the deception that someone reading this sought it out otherwise. So I'll add detail.

MM and I are quiet different.  Career Military/Pacifist.  Graduated for-profit college in early 30s/Graduated at 21 from a top liberal arts school.and didn't stop there.  Conservative/Liberal.  There are more, but you get the point.  One thing we do have in common, HORRID allergies, especially to all furry four-legged sorts.  He is also the only other person I've encountered who will shout dog when one appears on tv in case the companions missed it.  And perhaps we both really want to pet the tv in hopes it will somehow transmit to the actual dog.

But we've long said we'd never venture beyond the aquarium dwellers: fish and two aquatic frogs.


There was an "AND."  A big "AND."

Well, to take the "just say it" approach, MM's Mom died.  There's not much one can add here; there never really is.  She'd been sick for over a decade, with on and off hospital stays so it both was unexpected and a surprise.  But she'd certainly not expected this turn when she brought a new (adult) cat home at the start of the summer.  Well, the four sisters declined (dogs in home, just plain uninterested) and, while I was made sure he considered the health aspects, my MM's a sentimental guy.  So we got a cat.

Day ONE sucked, but the generic Claritin D has helped (buy stock!).

And, while I tend to be a dog person, this is a lap cat.  She talks up a storm, She love to eat, but would pick a day without food over a day without companionship.

So, we have cat.  And we;re both suitably drugged.  And both in love,

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