Saturday, February 8, 2014

Guide to Living With the Rambler

I've had millions of thoughts over the past months about blogging topics.  Yet, as may be expected, when I sit down to keep my commitment of writing more often, I go blank. 

My world continues to be dominated by the back issues, although wedding planning is rivaling medical matters as a source of stress lately!  I never really imagined throwing a full-on wedding again, and in many ways it is a much simpler affair than my "practice round," but there's still so much to do as the late-April date approaches.  Including figuring out why my computer refuses to be cooperative when it comes to my invitation envelopes (it won't put addresses even close to the middle of the envelope and feels "Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith" is a two-line affair).

Like many couples these days, Military Man and I have already been living together.  There are certainly reasons why the "old-style" approach is nicer, but it does mean that he already knows many of my "quirks."  I actually provided him with warning regarding a number of them prior to move-in day, I didn't want any avoidable surprises.  Since I'm in bullet-point withdrawal, some important items about living with the Rambler:
  • I come with books.  A lot of books.  Poor MM....he just watched as they kept arriving...and had to carry them down a flight of stairs (note: one paperback is light, hundreds get heavy). 
  • It is my most noticeable feature, but all that hair doesn't stay put.  Seriously, I'm worse than a dog.  I'm not sure I shed more, but the dark, thick, long strands are certainly more noticeable...and quite the challenge for vacuums.
  • The hair also means a LOT of conditioner.  I am not a make-up gal...I only wear a BB cream...but I have a number of hair "potions."  Pictures from before I found my go-to products provide proof of their worth.
  • Really, the last hair-related item...I blow-dry my hair.  I can't do it in the bathroom because it frizzes like crazy.  I'm perfectly happy with my current set-up in the guestroom/treadmill-room and I've gotten much better at getting it done pretty quickly, but the sound of a hair dryer would definitely be on the soundtrack of my life.
  • I am pretty sure I eat more cereal than a typical household of 4...maybe 6. 
  • I still have my food issues.  I will likely need some of my own pantry-space and may need certain of your items kept in places I don't see often.  Like PB.  I've also been known to find the PB and leave a note promising to replace it after it "disappears" in a two-day period.
  • Don't plan on late night conversations, at least that you want me to remember.  My current medication regime means I often forget the last 30 minutes or so each night.
  • I need my workouts.  Even when it isn't the best idea for me and even if it means doing them at odd hours.  Lately, I lift at 10PM because that's when my body seems willing.  In my Boston days, I was on the treadmill before 5AM.  I got my own treadmill when I moved to State College and it is probably one of my most-loved and most-used possessions.  I was seriously grumpy this summer when it kept breaking down (and thrilled when they finally replaced it...I was just under the warranty wire)
  • I call my car Betty.  If I live with you, I will probably name your car too.  I may name other household items as well (the aloe plant is named Sally). 
  • I like saving wine corks.  I finally got a trivet to make out of some of them.  I still have dozens despite separating the ones I need for that project (delayed till post-wedding and till I figure out the best knife for trimming them).  And yet still keep more. 
Oh, and one more (though we all know I'll come back and add some to the above since I always think of things once I hit "Post"):
  • I ramble.

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Annabelle said...

I have an inappropriately gigantic quantity of books too. And it never seems to make me want to cut down, just buy more bookshelves.