Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rambler Raves (pssstt....i save the best for last)

Apologies for the silence...I really intended to step up my blogging efforts but that just hasn't happened.  I'm dealing with some uncertainty on the back front (that phrase amuse me) and the pain's been rough.  It often saps my mental capacity and it has been taking longer to do my ghost-writing law blog posts so I have been neglecting this little corner.  I'd say I intend to rectify that, but I'm nervous about even making promises to myself.

Anyway, a simpler post today, making good use of my beloved bullet points and sharing some of the things your Rambler is loving these days:
  • I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.  I got it cut recently and she took a bit more than usual and threw in a few more layers.  I'm finding it really tough to control and relying on my recently acquired flat iron when I need to look decent.  However, I'm loving Treseemme's Cashmere Touch Hyrdating Serum.  Left alone, my hair can feel kinda course and rough, but a few pumps of this product makes my hair feel nice and soft.
  • I'm a new convert to Greek Yogurt.  No real brand rave here, I pick a lower calorie version which isn't always truly the best health option, but I have become a fan of the thicker texture and added protein boost.
  • On a less healthy note, Jelly Belly Belly Flops rock.  They need to be ordered but they are still a major cost saver compared to the regular packs, especially given my addiction to them.  You get the leftovers that are misshapen or otherwise imperfect.  They warn that it may include some of the icky flavors from their specialty Harry Potter themed packs, but I've only had a few that tasted funky.  Most are from the typical 40 flavor pouches.
  • On the "stuff normal folks don't talk about" front, I am a horrible teeth grinder.  One dentist said I was "impressive" after I chewed right through two temporary crowns, one metal.  After chewing through an expensive dentist-ordered night guard, I tried drugstore types.  I never found the "boil" ones comfortable and chewed through them pretty quickly.  The Sleep Right Guard has been MUCH better and much more durable.  I did actually trim it a bit to make it better for my small mouth but will try their "slim" option next (lasts longer, but not forever...I've had mine about a year and expect I have a couple months left).  It is one of the pricier drugstore options, but it definitely saved me money over time.  They do offer replacement if you chew through it or have other issues w/in a three or six month time frame (depends on specific style).
  • I have an inability to not glance at clearance sections, including a small area in our local grocery store.  I picked up a Sweet Vanilla Fig body wash and lotion set for something like $6....the website lists it at $25.  Love the scent and the fact that it is from a small company that focuses on natural ingredients. 
  • I'm moving slowly, but I am still enjoying reading for Harper....hoping to have the final pages of a book done and a new review up soon.
  • And, the best rave of all, adapted from my recent Facebook status, posted during a mini-getaway with MM -- Best hotel upgrade yet... Checked in with a boyfriend,  checking out with a fianc√©!  Love you more, mister. I couldn't have even imagined finding a partner as wonderful as you. Thanks for giving me the honor of saying "YES! "


Lee said...

So happy for you, Cheryl! And I love Jelly Bellies. I got a Jelly Belly machine (oddly enough, from Google, long story) and I had to put it in my boss' office because I could not keep my paws off of it. Now, it's good though, because I have 2 coinfuls (which amounts to 12 beans) every day. Okay, I just went on way too long about Jelly Bellies. Congrats again!!

Annabelle said...

Hey, congratulations! That's so great, I'm happy for you.