Friday, November 30, 2012

Bullet-Point, Junior: Doc Update, New Toys (Roomba & Tempurpedic), & OnDemand Add (Shark Tank)

I confess...a few little things running through the Rambler's head....

  • Doc update -- I'm not up for going in-depth, but I saw a new neurosurgeon this week.  He's ordering a CAT scan which I can have done here in the State College area and then he'll call to talk a bit (he's in Philly).  He did mention a follow-up surgery that would go in through the back and use more hardware.  Of course, he said a lot of the "I can't say it'll help" stuff, which I know he kinda needs t do.  He did all but call my results "weird" and definitely said it was really unusual (and utterly random, along the same "who knows why" lines).
  • MM and I had been talking about it for a while but kinda randomly ended up in a mattress store a few weeks ago.  Our new Tempurpedeic arrived on Wednesday.  It definitely doesn't feel quite as heavenly as the store one yet but they say it can take some "breaking in" (people mention jumping up and down on them as part of the process!).  Hopefully it'll prove a good buy.  Love that they gave us a military discount (which we asked about) and an "owie"-discount (or "medical discount", which we didn't ask about and they offered since I did have my brace and we mentioned the issues I've had).
  • We also got some early holiday gifts during out Thanksgiving travels.  Totally in love with our I-Robot Roomba.  Alternatively called "R2D2" and "the puppy," it's a really good addition to our home, especially since I really can't contribute much to housecleaning. 
  • An addition to my OnDemand rotation is Shark Tank, an ABC show where inventors pitch products to investors.   Love that it is easy to watch out of order, hence being a good OnDemand fit.  Interesting side note from a quick browse: those who appear have to give five percent equity to Mark Burnett Productions. 
  • They time the holidays quite well to follow after election ads end.


Annabelle said...

I always have mixed feelings when the doctor says something is unusual; maybe a little bit proud that it's out of the ordinary? A little bit justified that I'm really having the issues I say I'm having? And then a whole bunch of annoyed that it's not something that is well known and easily fixable.

Lara-Bee said...

You got a roomba and like it? I've been fascinated by those for years! How dO you think it would do with rugs and toddler toys all over the place?