Monday, August 15, 2011

Guest Blogging for Another Blogger Recovering from Surgery -- Relationships & Chronic Pain

I confess....I find so much comfort in finding other blogs from women dealing with issues similar to my own.  I hate that others suffer from chronic illness as well, but there's a comfort in not being alone.  Endo hasn't been at the top of my mental list lately, but it is a condition that can be very lonely.  So, I've enjoyed reading Jamee's thoughts at A New Kind of Normal.  And I'm excited to share a guest post I prepared for her...ironically, she just had surgery herself and had assembled guest posts in advance.

Here's a link to my guest post on Relationships & Chronic Pain. 

And here's a mental wish for a quick recovery for Jamee and for the surgery to be a rousing success.  She's a total fighter who manages to keep a great spirit despite having a nasty battle with endo that even a hysterectomy failed to solve.  And she's got an adorable little girl :)

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