Friday, July 8, 2011

bullets are kinda like fireworks...well, in my head that makes sense

I confess...I have nothing to put in this spot but I feel compelled to keep my silly little formatting gimmick.

  • Responding to a comment I made about the distinction between "Not Guilty" and "Innocent," a former professor (and a forever model of an amazing woman) noted that some nations have a "Not Proven" verdict.  I think that a LOT of people need a reminder of that concept.
  • One more Casey-related bullet -- I am so angry about the awful backlash and horrid comments I see made about the jurors.  I don't envy them their role but admire the seriousness with which they clearly took their task. The quick timeline doesn't tell me they rushed, it tells me it was simply all to clear that the burden of proof hadn't been met and they recognized it, even if their hearts told them she was to blame.  I hope the jurors find support as they move back to their normal lives. 
  • I have continued to be impressed by Elizabeth Smart.  Such a poised young woman.  I hope that self-awareness truly runs deep and isn't merely a mask.
  • Apparently leaning forward repeatedly over several hours (as I did for this event), adds up.  I didn't feel too bad on the 4th (the harder point was getting to the ground to sit for the fireworks), but the 5th was about the worst I can remember.  A warm bath on the 6th was definitely a big push forward (and sweet since it was drawn for me, including lavender salts) and it is returning more to the "norm"...but I'm looking forward to no longer considering a 7-8 pain level a normal day.
  • The Doctors (warning: a talking ad starts when you link....those are a pet peeve of mine, ads are a tolerable necessity but please keep 'em quiet) is an odd guilty addition to my TV habits.  I do other stuff (umm, like writing draft blogs) while watching and doubt I could really make it a full-attention event but I somehow can't look away.  Not a big Jillian Michaels fan but I'll pretend I shall be employed before she joins.
  • Say Yes To the Dress is even more of a guilty pleasure.  It is so out of character for me...I don't watch wedding shows or The Bachelor/ette or any other reality shows (unless House Hunters counts...which is kinda a similar show).  I like the attention to emotion.  I also really enjoy the shows focused on plus-sized brides.  They totally focus on making the women feel beautiful as they are and finding a dress that flatters their curves rather than just hiding them.
  • One more TV show comment -- I hope they don't cancel Men of a Certain Age. I have the season finale waiting on On Demand. I think TNT has failed to market it well and I'm not sure their weird split seasons work well for it, but I think it is a great drama with so many nuances to the characters.
  • I did buy shorts.  I was desperate and committed to a one-stop shop which meant I ended up a size up since Ross seems to pretend I don't exist.  I did look in Juniors but I wouldn't have worn those at 16, let alone 33.
  • In true suburban fashion, our backyard opens to another house's backyard.  In true central PA fashion, across the street from the is a big field.  That field played home to fireworks last night (side note: I think the fire company having fireworks at their fair has a bit of irony to it).  It was a simpler show than we saw on the 4th, but it was pretty cool to be all of 250 feet away (put VIP seats to shame).  The walls of the house rattled with the booms...I wanted to run in for ear plugs but figured it might be over by the time I found them.  Related: There is a funnel cake truck parked less than a quarter mile from our door.  How cruel!
  • I hate the TV trope of dumb men and smart wives.  The Fiber One commercial where the man says "fiber makes me sad" and then the wife smirks when he eats a fiber-filled granola bar is particularly crazy-making.  On the other hand, I love the woman in a bug-control-product ad...her husband says "She has a problem with bugs" and the woman clarifies, "I have a problem with bugs IN MY HOUSE."  Totally me.
  • I am NOT a couponer.  I do follow one coupon blog because it goes beyond just clipping and the woman has an amazing spirit (sadly, she was hit by a car this week and is in the hospital...I wish her well).  But I totally got it during a CVS visit.  I had a magazine coupon for a free PowerBar Protein Plus.  CVS had a deal where you bought one and got the full amount back in a coupon to use on your next visit ("free" money, $2.59 towards just about anything).  So I got a free bar (well, actually I got the Bites...they were good for a driving day) AND made two and a half dollars.  I definitely got a rush and suddenly understood the couponer folks a bit.
  • I have a nice stack of books on my nightstand and it makes me smile just to see all the books waiting to be visited.


lee said...

It kind of bothered me that people were saying that our legal system is messed up by this verdict. Just because you think she did it, doesn't mean that you can convict her without evidence and if the jury didn't find evidence, then people really should be asking why the prosecution didn't find evidence, not blaming the jury or the US legal system. Just my thoughts on it.

The Rambling Blogger said...

as is likely clear, i totally agree. i truly think they showed bravery and a dedication to their charge that many people wouldn't have kept so seriously. the short time, IMO, shows how far the state was from meeting its burden. if people want to blame the system, they need to be ready for a MUCH deeper debate and for the ramifications it might have. we already see people freed years later by clear proof and we'd see more of that. and all of us law-abiding folks would have to face the reality that we might end up on the wrong side of the defendant's table (and then wishing the burden was on the state)