Monday, September 27, 2010

earning the rambling moniker

I confess...I feel the need to make sure my blog isn't ALL little random bullet-point lists. But I've had a few other posts (posts containing my body eval...count as non-random ramblings) so I feel justified in a ramble:
  • I loved Easy A. It totally made me smile and I think there's a big benefit to actually knowing who John Hughes is when you are watching.
  • I want the Book-It retro alumni tee shirt but they seem to only sell it in Extra Large. I'd want it for the gym so could go a little loose, but not that far.
  • I think I'm abandoning NCIS: LA. I get hopelessly lost in half the plots. Hedy's awesomeness and Chris O'Donnell's eyes only took me so far. On a tangent, I remember O'Donnell's eyes from his brief role in Fried Green Tomatoes...looking at release info, I would likhave just turned 14 and it was one of the first moments I recall of true movie-star lust (vs. just thinking a screen guy was cute).
  • My contribution to mankind may be a rallying cry for all airport bathroom stall doors to open out. It is an easy change and would make it SO much easier when wrestling to get yourself and your luggage inside.
  • My back and hip hurt. I'm stubbornly walking for a good while 6 days a week since I have the time and running has been a no-go for nearly a year now. I know my gait is off and leading to some secondary aches but my head has issues that sometimes win out over what my body says.
  • Grocery shopping is quite dangerous...well, for me. I ran over my toe with the shopping cart this week. Last week, I had a very bad back moment getting a 12-pack of diet soda from the bottom shelf.
  • I'm reading a book I found in the guest room...Songs in Ordinary Time. It is free and long, which make it a good find. But it is a serious downer. I can normally find a niche to put a book in (good plane read, good serious read, good light before bed read) but can't figure out where this might fit.
  • CVS and other robo-calls are not allowed to leave me VMs until this job search is done. That red light on my phone makes my heart twist and my pulse race and me nervous. Finding out it is just a refill notice is annoying.
  • I left several boxes in Boston that I'll have brought to me when I am settled someplace. I'm depressed by the fact that I may need the one labeled "long sleeve shirts" before I get to that place. I'd hoped that I'd have found my new job and new town before needing fall apparel.
  • I went shopping for my first purchased car in the summer of 2001. My mom brought along research on value and safety and such. Before trying the planned new cars, I saw a slightly used one and test drove that. It was Betty and I fell in love...skeptical, uncertain love...but love nonethelss. I tried many more. I even went home b/c it wasn't in the plan. But I went back for Betty in the end. She was...she still is. I picked my college and wedding dress in similar fashion...went back for the one I knew was right at the start.
  • I might have watched The Event if they had a quarter as many ads.
  • My old boss has retired and is living in France. She was a very tough boss, though a very talented attorney and a neat lady (it is easier to say that 4 plus years removed...we didn't mesh too well professionally). I have no doubt this woman will use the time in retirement to do some really cool things. And that it will include good red wine.

I'm often too lazy to proof read posts that aren't book reviews or semi-serious but I do at least hit the little spell check button. It is grumpy so more apologies than normal for the lack of a re-read.


Beth M. said...

Again, I comment on the TV points:

I gave up on NCIS:LA pretty quickly last year, almost as soon as the Abby crossover was done. I liked the IT guy, and Hedy was interesting but too unrealistic, IMHO.

I actually thought the promo campaign for The Event was rather clever. But since I usually flip past commercials, I probably only caught 1/4 of them, so you have a point. I did enjoy the first episode.

Lesley said...

My contribution to mankind may be a rallying cry for all airport bathroom stall doors to open out. It is an easy change and would make it SO much easier when wrestling to get yourself and your luggage inside.


Love this.

Irish Goober said...

I like bullet points. :)