Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a nice little bulleted list

I confess....I have found a few new indulgences in my few weeks at home. So, time for a nice little "Things I Like Right Now" list":

  • Watching Ellen in bed to start the day
  • The lie-down-on-ice part of my PT routine
  • Wine and chocolate (yeah, I always say that...but it's always true)
  • Wearing comfy "home pants"
  • Reading more
  • The smell after I vacuum with carpet salts...I was always jealous that my neighbor's mom used them as a kid
  • Cereal...meal, snack, dessert...if you are what you eat, I may be cereal
  • Having time to let my hair air dry much of the way
  • On Demand viewing of Parenthood and Medium (a bit embarrassed by the latter)
  • Spicy mustard (also not new)
  • Nice people...I was nervous about going to file for unemployment but the guy was really really nice and made it better

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