Friday, October 9, 2009


I confess...I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I think I've just felt really tired lately and haven't had too many deep thoughts to share. So instead I will share smaller ones...
  • I watched a blind woman read on the train this morning and was just amazed at how fast she read. I then felt bad for being it was ignorant of me. Really, there's no reason why someone who has done it for a long time couldn't read as well with their fingers as I can with my eyes. But I still felt like I could never do it...
  • I'm having a rough pain spell again and taking way more meds than I'd like.
  • I would like Fall MUCH more if I didn't know what came after it. But I do think we may take advantage and do a leaf-peeping drive tomorrow.
  • I signed up for an alumni happy hour tonight. It was billed as a welcome to the city event for young alums but I'm still surprised that I look like the oldest person by far who has RSVPed. I'm hoping that there are others who used email or the phone instead of the web portal and thus aren't on the website's list. Not that I don't like 21-24 year olds...I just have always related better to people who are older than me as opposed to younger.
  • Bosses Day is next week. When I was little, I'd ask my mom why there was a Mother's Day and Father's Day but no Children's Day. She (as many do) said, "Every day is Children's Day." Isn't the same true for Bosses??
  • I had a root canal a few weeks back and the first of 2 appts for a crown yesterday. I had a different doc for the RC and my regular one for the crown. It really made me appreciate the difference a nice doc can make. The RC guy didn't tell me anything and at one point just disappeared for ten minutes. My regular guy told me every step he was taking, kept checking on me, and was just really attentive. And he offered to make me a certificate saying I have a very small mouth....not sure how that would be useful but I appreciated that he acknowledged it instead of just telling me to open wider.

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