Monday, July 6, 2009

the bandwagon

I confess....that I did not leap back on the bandwagon today as planned.

We had a nice mini-vacation in the Finger Lakes. Prior to vacation, I promised that I'd return full throttle. I've really fallen off with both my food and my gym habits. I was sleeping through too many workouts...sometimes making them up in the evening with a workout that was not quite as good which then set up a messy cycle since it made doing a morning workout the next day harder. We also had been eating out during the week sometimes, which we usually don't do. And my "bad days" were simply "very very bad"...I won't go into detail but just trust me on that one.

I promised to come back and jump back to "normal" with both feet. But I felt ill last night and just couldn't pull myself up this morning. it may not have been the wrong decision for the moment since my tummy was really quite unsettled, but it wasn't the best decision for the overall commitment.

I don't know if I'll make it up tonight. But I am at least going to try really hard to stay on track food-wise until my normal Fri/Sat "break".

I will give myself kudos for exercising on the trip. And for often doing a slower treadmill session as I let a bit of a strain heal (not one that requires a total break...).

One day at a time.


Porky M. said...

I totally agree with your last post on celebrities and fame. We act like things are so much different now, just because we have TV shows and everything's so "real." But it's not real, and for little kids it's even worse. Did you watch Jon & Kate before the whole fiasco happened?

The Rambling Blogger said...

i've never seen it...before or after...